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Chicago-Based Independent Film Maker

Writer, Producer, Director, & Actress.

Milon V Parker Biography

After The Lies Pilot

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Directed: The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep Parts 2, 3, & 4; More Than Friends, Gold Star, Coming Out For Christmas, Unapologetic Women, and After The Lies (all coming soon)


Milon has starred in 22 movies/projects since 2010


Most of Milon's movies are available on Tubi TV, Sling, VUDU, Amazon Video, and Peacock


Starred in the plays Bois Don’t Cry and Got Good Religion

  1. My mama said yo mamas a DYKE Movie Screencap Milon V Parker
    comedy, mockumentary

    My Mama Said Yo Mama's A Dyke

    My Mama Said Yo Mama’s a DYKE is an urban “mockumentary” tale about a group of teens who become fed up with their lesbian moms so they decide to enlist them into this uncanny camp that specializes in “de-lesbianism”

  2. The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep Part 1 Screencap
    drama, romance

    The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep

    Roni & Bri are both living their life as lie until it all comes tumbling down. Unfortunately it leads to someone having to lose their LIFE!!

  3. The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep Part 3 Screencap
    Drama, Romance

    The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep Part 2

    Roni and Bri have fallen in a forbidden love, where lies and secrets lead to the end of their relationship. Bri tries desperately to move on and forget her past love with Roni. But, she’s in for an unexpected surprise when secrets are revealed and her life is now a twisted love triangle with her past.

  4. Girls Like Us Part 1 Movie ScreenCap Milon V Parker
    Comedy, Drama, Romance

    Girls Like Us Part 1

    This is a lesbian drama series about a female attorney named Keisha, who is intimately involved in a relationship with an author/woman named Zoe, and a man/gynecologist named Greg. Keisha has been able to keep her hidden idiosyncrasies from her family and friends for months, but now her secret affair with Zoe is creeping to the forefront. Keisha feeling pressured by Zoe to end her relationship with Greg, and evenly pressured by Greg to get married now, has finally realized that she must choose between the love of her life Zoe or the politically correct life with Greg she is supposed to live.

  5. drama, romance

    The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep Part 3

    In this third segment of The Lies We Tell trilogy, a dying Bri is on life support fighting for her life while Roni is trying to find Tank to seek revenge. She eventually then finds Tank and takes matters into her own hands.

  6. More Than Friends Movie DVD Thumbnail Milon V Parker
    drama, romance

    More Than Friends

    A love story based around two characters – Angela and Tennille. Growing up through out the years Angela, a heterosexual female, never realizes that Tennille, a dominant female, is deeply in love with her. After several years of Angela being in the dark about Tennille’s true feelings, she soon discovers the love that Tennille has for her and realizes those feelings are mutual. Not realizing the love that she’s been longing for has been right in front of her face. Angela attempts to tell Tennille how she truly feels before it’s too late and Tennille marries someone else.

  7. short, romance


    Heartbroken Jessica meets the charismatic Jada one fateful day. Reluctant to give anyone new chance, even Jessica had to admit that there was something by how they kept meeting. An unpleasant surprise puts the flame out of their romance, but will they find themselves back together. Kismet is a romantic comedy that asks the question: does fate bring us together.

  8. drama

    Hook Ups

    Season 1: Episode 1

    A online tv series that explores modern dating practices. The goal is to show no matter how you identify, we all want to find love.

    Newly divorced Sheila goes on a date for the first time in years-this time with a woman.

    Staring: Milon V. Parker, Paige Ryan, Lawrence Davis & Khloe Janel

    Released: February 2018

  9. drama, romance

    The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep - Part 4

    In the completion of The Lies We Tell Part 4 Movie Series, Roni and Bri attempt to relocate for a new start but are derailed back to Chicago. Deceit and new obstacles find them fighting to keep their family together.

    action, drama

    New Ties

    Season 1: Episode 5

    Cesar is in for a ‘surpise’ at his birthday party. Tension grows between the black and Italian families.

  10. action, drama

    New Ties

    Season 2: Episodes 1-5

    Cesar is in for a ‘surpise’ at his birthday party. Tension grows between the black and Italian families.

  11. action, comedy

    Disconnected 2

    One year after Reese quits his job at King’s Cable, his life starts to unravel. As he tries to sow his life back together, the past comes to haunt him.


    Gangsta Island

    Is an animated dark comedy TV series set in 1988 about a teenage boy named Kenny who is more awkward than cool and must deal with growing up in an urban neighborhood with a dysfunctional, but strangely loving family. It is shocking, clever, and innovative series that will surely make you laugh.

  12. action, drama

    Nell's Way

    A New Ties Story

    Description coming soon.

    action, drama

    La Familia

    A New Ties Story

    Description coming soon.

    drama, romance

    After The Lies

    After losing everything, Roni turns to drugs trying to cope with the pain. While finally being able to shake them; she runs into an old friend who’s apart of the street life. With unexpected drugs in her possession Roni gets searched by the police. In order for her to stay out of jail she has to help them take down one of Chicago’s most dangerous men. And it won’t be easy.

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