Chicago-Based Independent Film Maker

M ilon V. Parker began her acting career in July 2009 with her first play called Bois Don’t Cry, performed in Atlanta and written by Laurinda D. Brown. In 2010, Milon starred in her first movie, My Mama Said Yo Mamas a DYKE, written and directed by Coquie Hughes. In 2011, she authored the book, The Lies We Tell, But the Secrets We Keep. Milon then progressed to producer, co-screenwriter, and lead actress of the movie based on the book, and after that, Milon continued to break barriers every year!

In 2012, she wrote and produced the sequel to “The Lies” and took on the welcomed challenge of being the movie’s director as well. The buzz created by this new movie is outstanding and has propelled DVD sales of the first movie all over the country. On April 22, 2014, Maverick Entertainment released The Lies Part 2 on Walmart, Amazon, and other stores all around the world. The distribution deal and all of the great reviews and outcome from The Lies Part 2 compelled Milon to do The Lies Part 3, which was also a success. In 2016, Milon wanted to challenge herself again and created a love story movie titled More Than Friends, which was also a success and is currently for sale on Amazon.

On October 19, 2019, The Lies Part 4 premiered at the Morgan Park Academy Art Center theater in Chicago. It was a sold-out event. December 24, 2019, it became viewable only on Milon’s website. The Lies Part 2,3 & 4 movies are now streaming on Tubi TV Sling VUDU Amazon Video and Peacock. Make sure to purchase The lies part 4 dvd and The lies we tell movie series dvd combo. Stay subscribed to watch new content from MVP. Thanks for your continued support!

Writing, Acting And Modeling

Milon’s first fashion show was in 2009 at Macy’s downtown Chicago, which was for AIDS awareness. In 2009, Milon made history by being the first androgynous female in Remix The Runway, which is also called Surround Sound Of Fashion now. Then in 2010, She produced her own LGBT fashion show titled “Taking Over The Runway,” which was a competition for the models and designers. Modeling led to acting, Milon always loved being in front of the camera. Her writing career really started in high school by writing poetry, which led her to writing her first book, then her second book, which led to her first movie, and eventually she got into directing her own films which was The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep.

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